WINDEA CTV LLC begins construction of three U.S. Crew Transfer Vessels

Press Contact: Michael DeiCas / City Experiences /

NEW BEDFORD, MA (April 26, 2022) – WINDEA CTV LLC, a US operator of offshore wind Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs), announced today that it has commenced construction of three 30-meter hybrid ready CTVs. Two of the Incat Crowther designed CTVs will be constructed at St. Johns Shipyard in Palatka, FL and one will be built at Gulf Craft in Franklin, LA. The CTVs are scheduled to be delivered in 2023 and will go immediately into service for GE Renewables. The vessels will first operate out of New Bedford, MA, during the Vineyard Wind I construction period.

“In collaboration with our operating partner Hornblower we are pleased to be working with Incat Crowther and the shipyards to construct the first vessels of our CTV fleet in the US. These three CTVs represent the first wave of our fleet which we have been developing since 2019 with our Euorpean partners.” said Bradley Neuberth, Managing Partner of WINDEA CTV and owner MidOcean Wind. “We are excited to bring this safe, reliable and efficient service to the market next year.”

WINDEA CTV is part of the WINDEA Offshore USA consortium, focused on serving the various maritime needs of offshore windfarm developers, installers, and OEMs in the United States. In addition to CTVs, the WINDEA Offshore USA consortium offers solutions for service operation vessels (SOVs), feeder vessels, rockfall vessels, onshore terminal operations, and other ancillary services required to build and maintain offshore windfarms. It is comprised of US operators as well as European operators that bring their experience and knowledge to the US market.

The WINDEA CTV fleet is owned and operated by MidOcean Wind LLC and Hornblower Wind, LLC. (a member of Hornblower Group), with technical and operational support from WINDEA Offshore shareholder Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH, which operates a fleet of CTVs in the European market with more than 10 years of experience. MidOcean brings a 40+ year track record of U.S. Jones Act ship-owning in various vessel classes. Hornblower’s global footprint includes operating more than 150 vessels on the Northeast coast and providing full value-chain marine services, including design, build, delivery, maintenance, and operations services for clients across government, municipal, military, and private sectors.

This partnership is well positioned to build and operate a large fleet of CTVs that will be needed to serve the ongoing, rapid expansion of offshore wind power in the Northeast and across the United States.



WINDEA CTV LLC is a leading US offshore windfarm crew transfer vessel operator, building a fleet of next-generation CTV’s for charter to offshore wind developers, installers and turbine manufacturers. The joint venture is comprised of MidOcean Wind LLC, Hornblower Group and Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH, combining existing operational presence and track records in the US with long-standing experience in the European offshore wind CTV market.

About WINDEA Offshore USA Consortium

Designed to act as a single point of contact for offshore wind customers, WINDEA Offshore USA mirrors the efforts of the established German entity WINDEA Offshore. WINDEA Offshore provides a full suite of services for construction support and O&M activities. WINDEA Offshore is a joint venture of three established and family-owned companies, Bernhard Schulte Offshore, Buss Offshore Solutions, and Ems Maritime Offshore.

About MidOcean Wind LLC

MidOcean Wind LLC is a subsidiary of MidOcean Holdings, a privately-owned company specializing in niche U.S. Flag maritime projects. Specifically, MidOcean Holdings builds and positions assets for underserved and unmet market needs, frequently with an environmentally conscious approach as evidenced by affiliated companies Clean Marine Energy and SW/TCH Maritime. MidOcean has owned 25+ ships and has 40+ years experience operating U.S. vessels.

About Hornblower Group

Hornblower Group is a global leader in world-class experiences. The corporate entity of Hornblower Group is comprised of American Queen Voyages®, City Experiences and Journey Beyond. Seaward Services, Inc., a marine services company specializing in the operation, maintenance and repair of government and privately owned vessels, is also a subsidiary of Hornblower Group, operating and maintaining U.S. Navy Ranges and port facilities, including local oil spill response. Today, Hornblower’s footprint spans 112 countries and territories, and 125 U.S. cities, with offerings including water-based experiences, land-based experiences, overnight cruise experiences, ferry and transportation services and full-service support via Hornblower Marine at Bridgeport Boatworks in Connecticut. Hornblower Group is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with additional corporate offices in Adelaide, Australia; Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Dublin, Ireland; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; London, United Kingdom; New Albany, Indiana; New York, New York; and across Ontario, Canada. For more information visit

About Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH

Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH (EMO) is a fully-owned subsidiary of Aktien-Gesellschaft "EMS", and was established in 2010 to expand the offshore activities of the AG "EMS" Group in Europe. As pioneers providing services for this future-oriented sector, EMO operates its own fleet of modern Crew Transfer Vessels, which are adapted for use in the offshore wind farms of the North and Baltic Seas. EMO is constantly further developing the next level CTV design relying on alternative fuels and power-to-x solutions. EMO also provides the comprehensive logistics services required at various service ports in Germany and the Netherlands. This includes the provision of office, storage and field warehouse capacities as well as berths for service ships. In the Netherlands, EMO operates a heliport and droneport for offshore maintenance and supply flights. The comprehensive EMO service portfolio is rounded off by marine coordination, which includes the control of all logistical processes and maritime sea surveillance by the in-house control centre VENTUSmarine.

Press Contact Michael DeiCas / City Experiences /

30 m hybrid ready Crew Transfer Vessel (design by Incat Crowther)