The largest East Frisian island as services station

Situated 30 nautical miles from the German North Sea coast, the North Sea island of Borkum is outstandingly suited as a supply and response port for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind parks. Here EMO has available 180 m of its own mooring facilities (pontoon feeder) and has access to various other berths in Borkum’s safe haven. Moreover, EMO operates a modern warehouse directly on the quay for the logistical supply of offshore projects and offers maritime services on the North Sea island with its own personnel.

Facts and Figures about Borkum Harbour

Area12,5 ha
Water depth2,5 - 4,5 m MSL
Tidal rangeabout 2,4 m
Number of berths3 tide-free pontoons, 600 m
Ferry connectiondaily via AG "EMS"
Rail connectionlocal Borkum railway
Distance from the Borkum cluster45-100 km
Distance from the German coast55 km
Distance from airport7 km
Able to handle heavy loadsyes
Quay wall400 m