Maritime Services

Charter Management

As a German pioneer in the area of transportation of persons in the offshore wind sector as well as in that of traffic safety on offshore wind farms, EMO is the right choice for you with respect to both experience and quality. With our fleet of specially built offshore vessels we offer you a comprehensive range of services in the areas of supply and maintenance. We will look after the transportation of specialist personnel or the delivery of various goods to your offshore project. Thanks to our experience in traffic safety, crew transfer and chartering, we are always able to provide ships that are suited precisely to your needs.

EMO has its own fleet of modern crew transfer ships flying the German flag with a passenger capacity of up to 24 persons. Our project and charter management combines experience in operations in the offshore sector, maritime expertise, and the latest application methods of project management. This allows us to find custom-made solutions and resources to meet your requirements and objectives.

Coordination Services

  •  HSE Coordination
  • Client Representatives
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Audits & Surveys
  • Nautical Advice

The foundations for efficient and safe project logistics, construction and operation of the power plants are laid as early as the planning and approval phase of offshore wind farms. Marine coordination plan, SchuSiKo, sea surveillance concept, waste management concept and other basic documents are not only approval milestones but also important framework
requirements for smooth implementation. EMO has been doing pioneering work in this field since 2012 and provides nautical experts for all coordination processes.
We also advise you on the acquisition of maritime technologies from VTMS systems and TETRA installations to people tracking solutions, personal databases and permit-to-work systems.

Our own Marine Coordination Center VENTUSmarine
is manned 24/7 with experienced nautical experts and offers comprehensive services for your Project.


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