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Marine Surveillance & Coordination:

VENTUSmarine carries out marine surveillance for offshore wind farms in operation. A workplace IT connection as well as the necessary onshore hardware and software components are also supplied by EMO, as is the team of nautical watch officers who monitor the wind farm in a 24/7 shift operation. Because several farms can be monitored without difficulty by one well-trained nautical staff member who is not given other tasks (such as technical management), VENTUSmarine also contains the potential for reducing the costs for an operator as opposed to using its own nautical personnel.

VENTUSmarine can also be an attractive solution for smaller construction projects where the client is faced with the cost of its own control room. Often, this does not justify their purchasing their own marine surveillance technology or hiring their own nautical experts. Nevertheless, requirements regarding people tracking and coordination of the various subcontractors demand 24/7 accessibility as a rule. Marine coordination can be booked as a seasonal extra  or also separately. The service package will be tailored to the individual client and at cost.

Nautical expertise combined with the most modern technology:

VENTUSmarine is equipped with modern communication and monitoring equipment from reputable manufacturers to carry out all relevant tasks under legal requirements. In addition to our standard office equipment (telephone, mobile phones, Internet, nautical library, nautical charts), the control center is equipped with VTMS systems including electronic nautical charts and AIS data feed of the brand AIRBUS STYRIS. For communication in and outside of the wind farm VENTUSmarine is fitted with a Remote Radio Controller, which allows the connection of several VHF stations, as well as project-related TETRA operational radio systems

In the field of people registration, VENTUSmarine relies on a web-based application, which is specially tailored to the offshore sector. Our navigators are well trained in handling the necessary hard- and software and routinely supervise any offshore project on the client’s behalf.


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