Ems Maritime Offshore christens first hybrid wind farm service vessel in Emden

Emden. Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH (EMO for short), the Emden offshore specialist, christened at june, 1st, 2023 "WINDEA one" as the first hybrid CTV for the transport of personnel as well as construction and spare parts to the offshore wind turbines of the operator Ørsted. Godmother Luise Brons wished everyone a safe journey and always a hand's breadth of water under the keel.


In her speech, the 22-year-old godmother emphasized that the individual CO² footprint of all of us, but especially of companies, would increasingly come into focus and that saving fossil fuels was the order of the day: "Responsibility for a sustainable Taking over development is a goal for my generation,” says Luise Brons.

The new ship was commissioned from the Penguin shipyard in Batam/Indonesia based on a design by the engineering firm Incat-Crowther. "It is already the fifth ship that we in the AG EMS Group have commissioned due to the good experience with the Penguin shipyard," emphasizes AG "EMS" board member Dr. Bernhard Brons, to which EMO also belongs.

"WINDEA one" is 31.8 m long, 10 m wide and has a draft of 1.8 m. There are four Volvo engines on board, which deliver a total of 2,060 kW. Two of the motors are connected to Volvo-Danfoss electric motors, each with an output of 180 kW, which are powered by EST Floattech batteries. The CTV reaches a maximum speed of 28 knots and can be operated purely electrically for up to 6 hours.

The crew consists of three crew members and up to 24 service employees can be transported to the offshore facilities. Four 10-foot containers or two 20-foot containers can also be accommodated on the foredeck.

EMO has chartered the special ship to the wind farm operator Ørsted on a long-term basis, thus continuing the trusting cooperation in the field of maritime services. EMO Managing Director Marcel Diekmann explains: “We are delighted with the trust placed in our team and are proud of being able to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the market. The new hybrid CTV sets new standards.” EMO and Van Laar Maritime BV are shareholders in the shipping company that owns the new hybrid CTV “WINDEA one”. As an experienced ship manager, EMO takes over the complete management of the new building.

In addition to the innovative drive concept, the new design offers a modern active fender system, which offers more stability when approaching an offshore wind turbine at sea and thus ensures more safety when the technicians climb over it. The low noise emissions also increase comfort on board.

Thijs Schless, part of the management of Ørsted in Ostfriesland, emphasized in his speech that the EMO would take a very important step towards reducing emissions and emphasized: "The EMO is part of our strategy of making the operation of our offshore wind farms more climate-friendly. Transformation also requires a certain amount of courage and the willingness to break new ground. It is nice to have a local partner at our side for this.”

"WINDEA one" will in future head for the Borkum Riffgrund 1 and Godewind 1 and 2 wind farms from Norden-Norddeich.



Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH (EMO) is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Aktien-Gesellschaft "EMS" and was founded in 2010 to expand the offshore activities of the AG "EMS" group.

The energy of the future will be generated to a large extent at sea, so the long-term goal of the pioneer is to offer and establish tailor-made service solutions on a sustainable basis.

EMO operates its own fleet of modern service ships under the German flag are adapted for use in offshore wind farms in the North and Baltic Seas. In addition to the activities of a certified shipping company, which, among other things, focuses on the special requirements of offshore wind farms, EMO also provides extensive port services in various service ports near the wind farm cluster. This includes the provision of office, storage and external storage capacities as well as parking spaces and berths for service ships. In the Netherlands, EMO is the operator of the Heliport and Droneport Eemshaven.

Van Laar Maritime BV owns and operates a fleet of more than 30 traffic safety and survey vessels worldwide.

EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH
Emden, June 1st, 2023